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Geauga Savings Bank Review

Geauga Savings Bank was started in 1983 in Geauga County by a few local businessmen, as the first savings and loan-chartered bank in the County. The pillar of strength and the woman behind the growth is the president Betty Kimbrew, who has been with the bank for many years. Their extremely successful efforts at capital raising helped them offer a greater variety of non-conforming lending products to the customers.

Geauga Savings Bank offers a variety of mortgage products, loan products and certificates of deposit. Geauga Savings Bank’s mortgage products include conforming fixed rate mortgages, non-conforming fixed rate mortgages, and non-conforming adjustable rate mortgages. With the conforming fixed rate mortgage, the principal and the interest paid monthly remains the same throughout the term of the loan. This makes it easier for the borrowers to manage finances. They also offer some of the best rates. Up to 97% of the value of the home on new purchases and up to 95% on refinances can be borrowed. Geauga Savings Bank’s non-conforming home loan program was created keeping in mind those customers who do not qualify for regular financing due to certain circumstances. With the non-conforming mortgages of fixed-rate, the principal and the interest paid monthly remains constant throughout the term of the loan. These are made available for owner-occupied and non-owner occupied as well as mixed use properties, individuals who are self-employed and also individuals with less than perfect credit.

Their adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), have a provision to lock in a lower interest rate for the first 1 to 8 years. After this period, ARMs adjust depending on the period. ARMs are certainly a great choice when rates are on the higher side or if the customer has plans of selling the house during the lock-in period of the loan term. These are available for people that are self-employed, for those that do not have a perfect credit, for non-income verification loans, for unusual properties such as working farms, non-electrified homes and such. Customers are allowed to borrow upto 95% of the value of their property with mortgage insurance. No cost is involved in getting an approval.

Last but not the least, Geauga Savings Bank’s special income mortgage program is a blessing for people who do not come into any loan bracket, which means even if the income level is low, they may qualify for this loan. This clearly shows the intentions of this bank and their determination to help people with their finances. Their other loan products include home equity loans which can be availed for buying a new car, financing a child’s education, for a vacation, consolidation of debt, or for any such reason whatsoever. All the customer needs to do is choose between the fixed rate second mortgage or flexible and variable rate home equity line of credit. Both these products may carry a deduction of the interest that is paid on the federal tax return. Geauga Saving’s Bank provides home construction/permanent loans that helps borrowers arrange both their construction loan and their permanent mortgage financing at the same time. A wide range of products are financed. The rate is locked-in during application. The interest needs to be paid only during construction and up to 12 months time is given for the building. This is available for contractor builders as well as owner builders of even unusual properties such as modular homes and log homes. Up to 95% of the value of the home can be borrowed. This is an amazing product with great rates.

Geauga Savings Bank also is in the forefront where commercial loan products are concerned. If one is looking for commercial real estate financing for multi-family properties, office buildings, apartments, farms, warehouses, mixed-use properties, or land acquisition and development, there could be no need to look any further than Geauga Savings Bank. There is no difference in the way an experienced investor and first-time loan seeker is treated. When Geauga Saving’s Bank is approached for a loan, the ready-to-help loan officers who understand every intricate detail are willing to help the customer all the way. Their customer support is very good.

Coming to the certificates of deposit, the best CD rates in the market are offered on a wide variety of CDs, regular CDs, executive CDs and Jumbo CDs. An account can be opened with a minimum of $1000, excluding retirement CDs on which there is no minimum requirement. The terms can range anywhere from 4 to 60 months. The rate as understood is going to be much higher the more and longer one invests. If the deposit is more than $90000, special CD rates apply. Geauga Saving’s Bank offers undoubtedly one of the best CD rates in the market. They are insured by FDIC up to $100000. There is also a monthly interest payment option available.

The initial aim of Geauga Saving’s Bank when they started was to help finance homes for people in and around the County. Now that goal has been achieved successfully and extended to a number of places. It is not only the all-perfect borrower that is benefited, but also the person who has trouble with his credit or with his home. This is a rarity even in this competitive financing world and an appreciable effort.

Grand Yield Direct Review

Grand Yield Direct is an online banking division of Apple Bank. This savings oriented bank opened in 1863 and has currently attained the distinction of being the fifth largest savings bank in New York, and has reached $5 billion in assets. It is considered to be one of the strongest savings banks in the nation. Being a member of FDIC, all deposits carry an insurance cover to applicable limits.

Grand Yield Direct has a high yield savings account, the Grand Yield Savings Direct Account, where a variable annual percentage yield is earned on savings everyday. This account is also flexible and liquid, making any money deposited in this account, a risk free and tension-free investment.

Every dollar deposited at Grand Yield Direct carries the best bank interest rates. An initial deposit of $2500 is required to open the account and the bare minimum balance of $1 is needed to be maintained in the account at all times, to take advantage of the top bank interest rates. This is a tiered-rate account, which is currently paying the same rates on all tiers.

Grand Yield Direct makes sure the money adds up sooner than later, for all deposits in their high yield savings account, because of the great bank interest rates and also due to the fact that there are absolutely no hidden costs or other service charges or fees applicable. Customers do not have to worry about giving back the interest earned in the form of fees and charges. The interest earned each day is compounded daily and credited to the customer’s account on a monthly basis.

Making money with the utmost convenience is what customers get with Grand Yield Direct savings account. When a Grand Yield Savings Direct account is opened, it can automatically be linked to any designated external account from another bank. The customer can also choose the deposit-by-mail option apart from online deposits. Joint accounts can also be opened.

The Grand Yield Savings Direct Account is provided by the Apple Bank to make savings more convenient. All deposits are FDIC insured up to $100000 per depositor. Both individual and joint accounts are insured separately, which means that if customers have both the types of accounts with Grand Yield Direct, they are qualified to be insured up to $200000. Talk of double security!

Apple Bank strives to be the best and believes in providing the best to its customers. They understand that online customer security is of utmost importance and cannot be compromised at any cost. Towards this end, they use secure socket layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption to keep all data completely confidential and private in a totally secure and safe environment.

Opening a Grand Yield Savings Direct Account online is very easy and quick. All the customer needs to do is give their identification as per the Federal law, by providing personal information. The depositor must possess a proper identification and a US address, as well as having a personal checking account in a US bank.

All transactions of deposits or withdrawals as well as the balance information is available online for the customer to see when they log in, whenever they want from wherever they are in the world. Account statements are mailed on a monthly basis for accounts that are active and accounts without any activity will be sent quarterly statements.

Grand Yield Direct offers the best possible bank interest rates for those that open an account online. With the great customer service support, that is willing to deal with all sorts of queries, this admittedly one of the best savings accounts online makes life easier.

FNBO Direct Review

First National Bank Omaha (FNBO) is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska, which is a multi-state holding company situated in the heart of downtown Omaha. First National Bank has a banking heritage dating back 150 years. It has set high standards of customer service by providing financial products of quality. This bank came into being in 1857, as a small local bank that only served Omaha and a few other surrounding communities. Today, FNBO Direct is the largest private bank in the United States and has more than 6 million satisfied customers all over the country. Building savings is a lot different than just saving and FNBO Direct understands the difference and makes this possible. Diversification is the key to adding to the savings. Their products include an Online Savings Account, Online Billpay Account, Certificates of Deposit, and an ExtraEarningsSM Visa Card.

All FNBO Direct Bank’s accounts can be accessed any time of the day or night all through the year. Making deposits, transferring funds, paying bills and increasing the savings is tension free and can be done whenever and from wherever one wishes to with FNBO Direct. All deposits at FNBO Direct are FDIC insured up to the maximum extent allowed by law. This takes care of the security of the money deposited, which is usually the customer’s main concern. FNBO Direct’s Online Savings Account offers competitive rates and customers see money adding up faster. There are absolutely no strings attached, such as monthly fees and minimum balance requirement. This account can be opened with as less as $1.

Their Online BillPay Account is only available for the Online Savings Account holders. It rewards the customer for paying their bills. It sounds odd but that’s how it works. Transfers are instantaneous between an FNBO Direct Online Savings Account and FNBO Direct BillPay Account. FNBO Direct offers Certificates of Deposit and these are also available for the savings account holders only. These certificates of deposit have one of the best CD rates in the market and come with a locked-in interest rate, which means the interest rate does not change. There are several benefits with these CDs, apart from the best CD rates. They are automatically renewed at the end of the term and there is also an option for all the funds to be withdrawn at the end of the term, at maturity. These CDs can help fund the other FNBO accounts such as the FNBO Online Savings Account or current bank account.
Where credit cards are concerned, First National was one of the first in the country to issue a credit card way back in the early 1950s. This bank strives to change the way a credit card is used by introducing the most competitive cards in to the market. They also have cards that can be designed by the customers to suit their needs. Earning the distinction of being one of the top ten credit card issuers in the country is no small feat.

Using a credit card for making purchases is a common thing, but earning for making purchases with the credit card is something to talk about. That is exactly what the ExtraEarningsSM Visa Card does for the customer. Cash back of 2% for every dollar spent during the first 12 billing cycles, from the time of account opening, is offered through this card. Customers can redeem this cash back by requesting for a deposit of $25 for every 1250 dollars spent on purchases. This amount is directly deposited into the Direct Online Savings Account. This is a great feature and although other banks too have introduced this cash back offer, the percentage varies a great deal.

First National Bank provides financial services as diverse as can be found in today’s extremely competitive market. This bank believes that their growth and success are due to the fact that they really try and get to know their customers and their specific needs. Not every product is suited for every customer. FNBO is against the ‘one-size fits all’ approach and ensure they satisfy a diverse group of customers. For customers that are looking for something other than what the market is providing, FNBO may just have the right fit.

EverBank Review

EverBank came into being in Jacksonville, Florida many years ago and has proven its expertise in the financial arena. Many award winning financial products and a variety of services have been brought into the market, and this along with the experience of the executive team who share a vision of being innovative and aim at delivering exceptional service, was central to the tremendous growth of EverBank. The Bankrate.com ‘Top Tier’ Award for the best bank rates has consistently gone to the well-deserving EverBank.

EverBank’s business and personal deposit accounts such as the FreeNet checking account, interest-bearing checking account, certificates of deposit and money market accounts allow for high yields. The FreeNet checking account earns a yield that is sure to be among the top 5% of other banks. Online banking is offered for paying the bills, with no fees when a minimum balance is maintained. Unlimited check facility is also given, all free of charge. An interest checking account offers a great competitive rate as mentioned above. In addition to the facilities offered for the FreeNet checking account, there are also no ATM surcharge fees along with a reimbursement of up to $6/month ATM fees that are charged by the other financial institutions. Overdraft protection is also provided based on credit approval.

EverBank’s Certificates of Deposit are a perfect way to save money and earn a great yield on that money, which is the best in the market at any point. This bank provides the best CD rates and a wide range of maturities. The Insured Advantage CD is the best option if one is looking for FDIC insurance on deposits as huge as $50 million. The term can be anywhere from 3 and 6 months to 1 and 5 years. The opening deposit as is expected is slightly higher at $10000. For those that have huge financial resources, these CDs are a very viable option with the best CD rates and high level of security. The MarketSafe CD is for people that are only looking for security on their deposit along with potential gains from investment indexes. In this, the principal deposited is protected hundred percent and there is also the potential for upside markets. They can be opened for $1500 and are FDIC insured.

For those that are not too keen on the traditional CDs and do not mind being aggressive with their investments and willing to take risks, there are other exciting products that are linked to investment indexes that help diversify the portfolio with foreign currencies. With the World Currency CD, money can be earned with the appreciation of the currency versus the US dollar. But then, money can also be lost if the dollar appreciates. This CD comes with locked in interest that is paid at maturity. The terms are 3, 6, and 12 months depending on whether it is single currency or Index CD. This is also FDIC insured. EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market Account earns a yield that is pledged to remain within the top 5% of other top banks. Their money market accounts serve a lot of financial needs of people that look to save their cash for the future and also to the investor who is willing to take the necessary risk to earn a higher yield. All of them are FDIC insured. The Yield Pledge Money Market Account keeps the money liquid and earn the best money market rate. This calls for an initial deposit of $1500 along with free check writing facility. Minimum balance needs to be maintained. The World Currency Access Deposit Account has risk potential and the minimum deposit is $2500. This provides the facility of easy transfer between global markets. There is a potential for capital gains, which can be huge.

Apart from the above, there are several credit and lending solutions to help the customer in need, including mortgages, home equity solutions, and Visa and Platinum cards. Fixed rate mortgages are where a monthly rate can be paid and there will be no change during the life of the mortgage. An adjustable rate mortgage is the option if one is looking for a lower initial monthly payment and rate that is better suited for the needs.

EverBank’s home equity solutions offer the best way to find a perfect revenue source with rates that are much lower than interest on credit cards. These can be useful for renovation of home, consolidation of debt, making a purchase or paying for college. The interest payments can also be tax deductible. The loan can be anywhere between $10000 to $500000 with the term from ten to thirty years.

The EverCard Visa Platinum credit card is exclusive to the bank’s customers and has a credit line of up to $50000. It carries no annual fee and has competitive rates. They also offer a rewards program with unrestricted travel options, and that for sure is irresistible. There is an automatic payment option for the checking account. Cash advances are also available. Another great deal is the travel accident insurance that comes with any travel ticket purchase using the EverCard.

All the above products are also available for business with minor changes but all the facilities. With EverBank, the possibilities are limitless and it is easier than ever to manage money while building it. The high yield pledge shows the determination to succeed in providing the customer the best possible banking experience, one that is sure to bring a smile to a customer’s face.

Emigrant Direct Review

EmigrantDirect Bank is an online subdivision of Emigrant Savings Bank (in NY) and is one of the first banks in the US to be registered in FDIC. Emigrant Bank was founded by a few Irish emigrants as a mutual savings bank in 1850. It had grown to become one the largest savings bank in the nation by the 1920s. This bank is regulated by both the State and Federal regulators.

EmigrantDirect bank’s products include a hugely popular savings account, certificates of deposit with the best CD rates and a credit card. EmigrantDirect offers an American Dream Savings Account that allows an earning of variable annual percentage yield on savings. They offer freedom, flexibility, and security that is unsurpassed in the current personal banking scenario. There is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance and the account earns a very high interest rate.

With so many online banks trying to woo customers with promises of high returns, traditional banking is no longer as popular as it was a few years ago. Online high yield savings accounts such as the one that EmigrantDirect offers, make a lot of sense for people who wish to keep their savings accounts growing.
Towards this end, EmigrantDirect bank increased the yield percentage to a whopping 4%, compared to the 3.5% being offered earlier. This makes it the highest yield account available today. The American Dream Savings Account is truly a dream come true, as it does not carry any hidden costs, fees, penalties or service charges, which is how most banks make money. It only takes $1 to open this account. Interest is earned on every cent that is deposited without having to worry about giving it back in the form of fees, which is what many banks do.

The customer is allowed access to their account online 24/7 whenever they need it. When an account is opened, EmigrantDirect links up with the customer’s designated checking account automatically, which makes it extremely flexible to deposit or withdraw funds by transferring money online. All money transfers are made through an Automated Clearing House (ACH). Even regularly scheduled recurring transfers can be set up between the savings account and linked checking account.
Deposits at EmigrantDirect are FDIC insured up to $100000 and individual accounts as well as joint accounts are insured separately. This means that if a single depositor has both types of accounts with them, they can be insured up to $200000.

Although EmigrantDirect does take a bit longer to sign up due to the extra precautionary measures they take, such as verifying the customer in a few ways, the extra effort is appreciable, keeping in view the convenience and security that the customer derives. Their ‘my way’ Certificates of Deposit are only available for American Dream Savings Account holders. The term of the deposit can be anywhere from six months to ten years. The minimum deposit balance is quite low at $1000. They offer one of the best CD rates and the interest is compounded on a daily basis and credited monthly. There is a penalty in place for early withdrawals. These CDs with their best CD rates are FDIC insured, providing the security required for money deposited. When the time for maturity gets closer, there is a policy in place for automatically notifying the customer, so the depositor does not need to keep a tab on the dates.

EmigrantDirect bank’s credit card pays about 1.4% on all transfers, purchases, transfers, and automatically transfers money into the savings account at regular intervals. This card has the “highest cash-back rebate in the country”, with no cap on this potential. This in itself is an admirable feat. All rebates are deposited directly into the respective American Dream Savings Account twice annually. All this plus Great MasterCard benefits like accessing the account throughout the day or night from wherever one is.

Their customer service staff is polite and helpful, and always ready to answer any questions. EmigrantDirect bank is one bank that certainly comes to mind when one talks about earning without doing anything. This bank shows it’s understanding of customer satisfaction and implements what it has learned through the years, through its wonderful user friendly policies.

ELOAN Bank Review

E-Loan, Inc. is a part of the Banco Popular North America (BNPA), which is a New York State chartered bank that is insured by the FDIC and is the direct parent company of E-Loan. E-Loan started their mortgage operations in June 2007 and have in a short time acquired a wide range of customers, which is proof enough of the quality of E-Loan bank’s products. E-Loan bank offers its borrowers more than 50 percent in origination cost savings as compared to a mortgage obtained through the traditional mortgage brokers and lenders. Their loan-processing center is in Dublin, CA. E-Loan bank is also publicly traded on Nasdaq.

Any deposit product offered through E-Loan is opened through BNPA. All deposits are insured as per the maximum amount according to the law. Before reviewing their product line, it needs to be said that E-Loan bank is extremely conscious of the security of its customers. Towards this end, they have implemented security measures such as not letting the money be taken from the accounts, except through linked accounts. This means that the insurance premium cannot be debited from the account. In addition to that, the linked account can only be changed four times in a year. Although this certainly does not offer as much flexibility as other banks, for customers who understand that their money is even more secure when compared to other banks, it is a small price to pay. E-Loan is no longer loans alone. They have savings accounts and CDs too to cater to the varying needs. The accounts at E-Loan bank are very fast to setup and the customers can also designate a beneficiary on the account. Another advantage is the lack of a hard credit inquiry for opening an account.

The E-Loan Online Savings Account with its no-frills features including the best interest rates, is worthy of review. There are absolutely no fees on balances, although a minimum of $5000 is required to open the account. The money can be accessed or account can be funded through an externally linked account. The interest is compounded. As is with all their accounts, it is FDIC insured for up to $100000. However, no deposits are allowed over the mail.

Their Certificate of Deposits (CDs) offer the best CD rates and the minimum deposit requirement is $10000. In spite of the advent into CDs being relatively new for E-Bank, they offer the best CD rates, which are on par with the other banks.

Coming to their loan products, let us first talk about their student loans, which are a boon for students. This bank offers undergraduate, graduate, and K-12 loans. Students are allowed to borrow upto 40000, and don’t need to worry about repayment until after they graduate. The best part is that these loans can be availed in just 15 minutes even without a cosigner, but having a cosigner is advantageous as it ends up lowering the borrowing costs.

Home purchase, home refinance, home equity, auto loans as well as business financing are all offered at great rates and for different periods of time. For business owners, be it a small business or a huge growing business, E-Loan bank metes out a fair and honest treatment. It could be anything from small business loans, commercial mortgage or equipment leasing, all loans are processed at the earliest with no hassle and with the best and competitive rates in the market. Their home refinance loan provides rate stability with the fixed payments for the life of the loan. This protects the borrower from rising rate increases.

Other features of E-Loan bank are expert loan consultation at any time during the day or night and even during weekends. For people looking for mortgage, free loan analysis is provided. E-Loan bank facilitates getting the Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards and these are issued by independent third party credit card companies and not by E-Loan. These are only offered to US residents of 18 years and above. So, if one wishes to get a credit card, it is wise to understand how this is set up.

Customers and borrowers can apply for any of the products sitting in the comfort of their home and instant support is provided for any clarifications they may need. Needless to say, E-Loan bank that is striving to be the best in customer commitment has won accolades. To name a few, E-Loan bank has been voted number one in web excellence for mortgage. It also has the distinction of winning the privacy award. This shows that its tight security measures have proven to be an advantage in more ways than one.

eBank Bank Review

eBank is a subsidiary of eBank Financial Services and is a savings bank providing banking and financial products, including mortgage to small businesses as well as individuals. eBank is a member of FDIC and Equal Housing Lender. This bank has its presence in six Countries and 47 States.
Although eBank provides traditional brick-and-mortar banking, the customers nationwide may also avail of the internet banking facility that has been introduced for those who need the convenience of accessing their money from anywhere in the world.

eBank’s personal banking includes personal checking accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, mortgages, IRAs, home equity lines, personal loans, along with personal savings accounts and banking cards. Small business owners are not to be left behind and ebank provides all of the above facilities to them.

eBank’s eFree checking and ePremium checking accounts provide great interest rates and features, and all it needs to open these accounts is $100. The premium account as the name suggests provides premium services such as a rate bonus of 1/4% on eBank CDs (adding to the already highest CD rates) and IRAs, as well as a rate discount of 1/4% on a personal loan. There is a minimum balance requirement of $2500 on ePremium accounts, which if not met, a miniscule service charge of $10 is imposed on the customer.

Business checking accounts consist of business checking and business checking with interest accounts. The accounts that carry an interest are available only for sole proprietorships and non-profit organizations. Here the interest is compounded on a daily basis and credited every month. This interest can be reinvested or credited in another ebank account. These accounts provide the convenience required for business owners who can spend more time concentrating on improving their businesses and leave money management in the safe and competent hands of ebank.
Money market account, such as the ePremier Money Market account for individuals and Business eMoney Market account for businesses yield high rates and are one of the best money market rates found. These Money Market accounts consistently pay the highest rates found anywhere and allow free access online, all this with the maximum security of FDIC insurance. The interest rates increase based on the increase in balance tier. The variable interest is compounded daily and credited monthly, which further can be reinvested or deposited in another account. Online or telephone transfers to other Ebank accounts provide utmost convenience.

Imagine the beauty of a fixed interest rate without having to worry about fluctuating rates. eBank ensures that their customers are secure with their CDs. This locked in high interest rate CDs for different terms ranging from three months to five years are automatically renewed at the end of the term. EPremium checking account holders will benefit a great deal with the ¼% increase in the rates on the already best CD rates. With the minimum deposit being as low as $1000, FDIC insurance, and the best CD rates, the eBank Certificates of Deposit are a great tension free money saving mechanism.

Cards to suit every lifestyle and those that are accepted throughout the world, provide customers the convenience and comfort in using their money when and where they wish to, without having to take the risk of taking crumpled notes while traveling or shopping, and without having to risk losing of their money.

The Preferred Rewards Debit Card, Personal ATM card, Personal Debit Card, Personal Credit Card, Business Debit Card, Business ATM Card can not only be used to withdraw money but to also transfer funds or check balance from anywhere.

When in need of finance, people look at their bank for help and Ebank understands the meaning of a loan and ensures fast approvals with very reasonable rates. Be it mortgage or refinance, home equity credit line, installment loan, personal credit line or credit card, it is as simple as filling an online application form choosing the loan based on the requirement.

Who understands business needs better than eBank? Businesses need a lot of financial support and usually within short periods of time. eBank specialists take charge of finances and help customers right from determining the type of loan that is right for them to ensuring that the loan is released at the earliest. eBank’s business loan products include construction and commercial real estate loans, real estate financing, commercial equipment loans, receivables financing, secured lines of credit as well as unsecured, letters of credit, residential construction and lot loans. All these are provided at fixed and variable rates.

This is a bank that is totally customer oriented and ensures that their needs are taken care of by providing all they need while trying to make it as convenient as possible. The convenience of online banking combined with specialist suggestions make this one of the safest and most competent banks.

Domestic Bank Review

Domestic Bank was founded in 1967 and since then expanded their services by offering comprehensive programs that meet the complete banking needs of their customers. It is the largest originator of – FHA Title 1 Home Improvement Loans in the United States. All deposits with this bank are FDIC covered up to the maximum limit allowed.

This bank operates 24/7 and works extended hours during weekends at of their branches. The telephone and online services make life more comfortable for the customers.

Domestic Bank offers checking accounts for everyone, no matter what the average account balance is. There are several options to choose from with various features and specific benefits pertaining to each account. Some of the common benefits are – no minimum balance requirement, no monthly charges, no per-check charges, unlimited check writing, monthly statements, return of canceled checks, as well as ATM and debit cards.

The Free Checking comes with a Visa check card and is completely free without any charges whatsoever. The 50+ Free With Interest is free for customers aged 50 and above, and provides competitive bank interest rates. The VIP Free With Interest is a completely free checking account with direct deposit option or automatic loan payment facility. The Low Minimum With Interest is yet another high yield checking account, where the checking balance earns money. The best bank interest rates are offered and it requires $500 minimum balance to be maintained at all times.

Apart from these free checking accounts, there are other accounts meant for people who are interested in much higher bank interest rates. Best Rate With Interest is a high yield checking account, which requires balances of $2500 or more to earn top bank interest rates. No Minimum With Interest is an interest bearing account with competitive bank interest rates. It charges a small amount towards service charges. The Economy With Interest checking allows the depositor to pay as they go and earn interest too.

With Domestic Bank Free Linked Savings Account, customers can reach their savings goals faster. There is an option for automatic deposits from the other banks into this account. Their Money Market Savings Account offers top money market rates without tying up the money. Greater access to funds along with the ability to make deposits and withdrawals at any time makes this high yield money market account a treat for the depositor. The Certificates of Deposit earn a guaranteed interest rate on the money saved over a specific term. Whenever there is cash to put away, one of the great ways to ensure that the money grows is to deposit in these CDs. The benefits of these CDs are the top CD rates, fixed terms and the security of FDIC insurance. There are several short-term and long-term CDs available, including IRA accounts.

Their IRAs are many with various terms, which come with the best bank interest rates, guaranteed returns and tax savings, to name a few benefits. There are different options to choose from, to suit all types of customers with a variety of financial objectives. All are FDIC insured and offer a guarantee on the highly competitive bank interest rates.

Domestic Bank’s loans and mortgages department caters to every need of the customer; be it auto loans, debt consolidation loans, new home construction loans, home improvement loans, first-time home buyer, buying a new home, refinancing the mortgage and home equity loans. This bank goes easy on the customer and ensures the bank interest rates are low.

Domestic Bank has also been serving the banking needs of businesses for a long time now. They are an approved SBA lender and focus on small and medium sized commercial, industrial and retail enterprises. Commercial loans of every nature are taken care of, including funding a commercial real estate and machinery and equipment purchases, financing working capital and acquisitions and cash flow. Several business checking accounts are available, whether it is to service daily operations, payroll or something else.

Domestic Bank customers enjoy the convenience of banking online and having access to their accounts at their fingertips, along with the feeling of security and assurance that their money is growing. This bank provides enhanced online security which requires setting up a security profile for each customer. Their Service Excellence Centers say it all – with their great customer service.

Corus Bank Review

Corus Bank is a highly reputable and stable bank incorporated in Minnesota in 1958 with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Corus Bank has its main focus on commercial real estate lending and deposit gathering.

Corus Bank’s eleven branches in Chicago offer a wide range of deposit products to customers. They have six types of deposit accounts, which are checking accounts, money market accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposits, individual, and retirement accounts.

Their checking accounts are either totally free, low minimum interest accounts, no minimum interest, economy interest, direct deposit free interest, tiered interest and ultimate interest checking accounts. All these checking accounts are offered along with free internet banking, free bill payment, and free ATM cards.

The money market accounts that are available are the ultimate money market and classic money market accounts. While the minimum balance in the Classic account is $2500, it is $10000 in the ultimate money market account. Both the accounts are eligible for monthly compounded interest that is credited at the end of the statement cycle. The account statement is provided monthly and checks are provided free.

Corus Bank’s statement savings account enables you to put the savings in a FDIC insured account, giving you the security required. The passbook savings account is a great way to begin savings. A passbook register will be given, which shows all the transactions. Passbook savings account is available even for children aged 17 and below, which needs to be signed by a parent. The minimum deposit for both the accounts is $50 to open an account and the minimum daily balance is $300. Interest rate is variable and compounded daily and credited quarterly. Account statement is provided quarterly for the statement savings account only. ATM card is also available only for the statement savings account and that too if it is linked to a checking account.

The certificates of deposit (CD) with their best CD rates make a significant difference in the earning potential when compared to the other type of accounts. Not only does the bank provide the best CD rates, which are far higher, but the terms are flexible and these features make the CDs most convenient. The savings are secure and earning guaranteed as the CDs are FDIC insured. The best part about investing in these other than the fact that this bank provides one of the best CD rates, is that unlike stock, bonds, and mutual funds, there will be no rate fluctuation and hence the value will be intact even at the end of the term.

Also available are Jumbo certificate of deposits for huge amounts such as $100000 and more. The term of the CDs is between 3 to 5 years and the minimum balance required is $10000. The rate of interest is fixed and interest compounded and credited monthly. Best CD rates are available for those with higher deposits and this interest may be added to the CD.

Corus Bank has its share of benefits for seniors, in the form of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) with several tax advantages. These accounts allow the individual to plan ahead for their retirement, which is essential.

You can do your banking from home or when traveling with the help of the highly advanced features of their internet banking. To make your online banking experience secure, Corus Bank uses high data encryption and a secure password. A combination of free ATM access and free internet banking makes banking a luxury.

A little variant from the norm is the check card, which looks no different from a credit card or ATM card but works like cash or check. This wonderful innovative payment method can be used to pay directly from the checking account, for any purchases made.

Other services from the Corus Bank include teller phones, to keep in touch with the checking and savings accounts and telephone banking. The bank also provides safety deposit boxes at very low rates, which enable customers to store important documents, jewelry, or anything valuable. Highest security measures are followed and no person other than the account holder will have access to these safety deposit boxes.

Corus Bank provides numerous loan facilities to meet borrowers’ needs. It is an active nationwide lender that specializes in condominium construction, conversion, and inventory loans. It also provides financing for hotels, offices, and apartments. It provides commercial real estate loans too.

Corus Bank takes pride in serving thousands of satisfied customers. Customer service is excellent and customers find it a pleasure to talk with real people with names at this bank, making it personalized banking at its best. All the questions or problems are promptly handled.

Corus Bank thinks ahead into the future and introduces innovative methods to attract customers and at the same time, ensures that the services provided by them far exceed the expectations of its customers.

Capital One Bank Review

Capital One Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation, which is a Fortune 500 company with operations in the US, UK, and Canada. A notable achievement for Capital One is the recognition of being in Fortune’s list of ‘America’s Most Admired Company’. This is headed by CEO Rich Fairbank, who made Capital One, one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the United States.

Capital One Bank is proud to have more than 50 million accounts world-wide, offering a variety of financial services, such as credit cards, installment loans, auto loans, home equity loans, small business loans, and savings products.

Highest security measures like insurance provided by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are ensured on deposits in Capital One Bank, at least $100,000 per depositor, which is the maximum amount that the law allows.

Being famous for credit cards, their most popular competitive rate cards and miles cards are a hit with customers, along with cash and point cards, small business cards, and prepaid cards. The Capital One Card Lab provides the provision for the customers to prepare a card based on their requirement. Low and variable rates are the plus point, and there are no annual fees for people with excellent credit and very minimum fee for new customers, making these cards accessible to almost everyone.

Capital One Bank’s auto loans are as simple as filling up an online application and getting a response within minutes. The customer can pay for the new car or van using a ‘blank check’. Surprised? Yes, this is a very innovative payment method that this bank has come up with. This blank check will be personalized with the name and address of the customer and the buyer needs to fill up the required amount, up to the maximum loan sanctioned. The loan will come into effect only when the blank check is used for a payment. Capital One Bank pays the amount within one day of issuing the check. It is as good as cash and gives the buyer an upper hand when purchasing a vehicle. Once the check has been used, the rate remains the same throughout the term of loan payment.

Capital One Bank brings the best FDIC insured savings accounts to it’s customers – accounts that earn the best interest rates without having to go to the bank, accessing the account over the phone or online. This means the customer is using ‘direct’ banking. Because it alleviates the need for a lot of things, the rates of interest are far greater than normal. They take pride in claiming that they offer the best money market rates and best CD rates.

The high yield money market account offers higher than average rate and can be accessed with the use of free checks, online transfers, and ATM card – and no fees and no minimum balances. Apart from providing the best money market rates, the bank has the Rewards Money Market Account. This is another savings account that offers higher rates of interest, but applies a restriction on the number of withdrawals per month.

Another benefit is procuring No Hassle Miles, which can be good for cash, merchandise, travel or anything else for that matter. Accessing this account is the same as the high yield money market account. These miles are earned as a reward for saving money, based on the balance every month. If the balance is $10000 in a particular month, a total of 250 miles are earned that month. Also, deposits of at least $500 in the first month earns 2500 bonus miles. This extra bonus earned apart from the actual interest, proves to be a great incentive for saving more money.

Capital One Bank’s home loans provide customizable loan options, whatever the need, either to get out of debt, upgrading of home, or securing the future. The home equity loans are fixed rate loans with fixed monthly payments for the life of the loan. They leverage the equity in the home.

The complete loan amount is given in a lump sum and the money can be used in any way the borrower wants. These are ideal for people wanting to consolidate other high interest loans as the interest is much lower than credit cards etc. They are also a tax-deductible expense. Other home loans include debt consolidation loans, refinancing loans and new home purchase, all of which come with competitive rates.

Then there are the healthcare financing loans, which can be availed for anything from dental to orthodontics to vision care to fertility procedures.

The bank’s personal loans require no collateral, and come with a fixed interest rate and fixed monthly installments and can be used for any purpose.

It’s not all personal with Capital One Bank, as they cater to small businesses too, including business credit cards , business lines of credit, and other business loans, with no collaterals and no financial statements.

With so many benefits packed into one, no wonder Capital One Bank stands number one with many recognition awards to its credit. The effort that Capital One Bank puts in to be able to provide these varied services to its customers is truly admirable.

Bank United Review

BankUnited is the largest bank headquartered in Florida, with very strong roots and a great local presence. Their slogan is “banks by locals for locals”, reiterating that they an out-and-out community bank.

The financial tools that BankUnited bank makes available for it’s customers are many. They not only take care of immediate financial needs but also help you build your future.

BankUnited Bank’s personal banking is just a keyboard away, with round the clock banking on the internet. Their checking accounts are high performance based. They have a free checking account, with no hidden charges, which is totally free, with no minimum balance requirement. The Diamond checking account rewards good customers with a host of free services, extremely competitive interest rates, a good bonus rate, and the best CD rates. All it takes is $100 to open this account. The Interest checking account provides the best money market rates and discounts on consumer loans, with issuance of travelers checks too at no cost to the customer. The senior citizens need not fret as the 50 Plus checking accounts come to their aid, with discounts on residential mortgage closing costs and discounts of safety deposit boxes to just name a few benefits.

The savings accounts of BankUnited Bank help customers reach their goals whether they are saving for their child’s future or for a dream home. They offer competitive interest rates and expect minimum balance to be maintained. The money market accounts are even better than any savings account, with great money market rates. The money market accounts allow for instant access to your hard earned money from anywhere. This bank provides one of the best money market facilities with a minimum opening balance and no monthly maintenance.

For a customer looking for higher interest rates than a savings account, a Certificate of Deposit is a wonderful alternative, with the ability to choose either short-term or long-term, anywhere from 30 days to five years. The minimum balance requirement is very affordable and you are given the best CD rates, the CD rates being higher the longer the term. Rest assured these funds are insured by FDIC, to provide security to the customers.

BankUnited Bank helps in securing your retirement, with the traditional or Roth IRAs. They lend a hand in building up savings slowly but steadily for the post retirement golden years. The bank’s tax advisors are at your service to explain the regulations governing the withdrawal of IRAs.

Personal loans, investments, retirement planning, savings and IRA’s, personal planning, and small business needs are just a branch away.

Whatever the type of loan you are looking for, BankUnited Bank has everything in place. All you need to do is look at the requirement, and choose from mortgage loans, auto loans, home equity lines and loans, personal loans, and business loans.

BankUnited Bank Financial Services (BUFS) is created to help customers choose the right type of investment. The investment representatives are specially trained to analyze any financial situation and offer the perfect investment advice. If the customer wishes to choose his own investments, a whole range of fixed and variable annuities and mutual funds are offered to maximize the potential for investment.

Now we come to the very special and novel feature offered by BankUnited Bank, Check 21 facility. For those of you that are not familiar with it, it is the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, commonly known as Check 21. It gives the same legal standing for substitute checks as that of original checks. The benefits of Check 21 include facilitating check truncation by authorizing the use of substitute checks instead of originals, to mandate receipt of checks in electronic form, and to improve the efficiency in the payment system. Imagine being able to submit checks electronically when not in a position to submit original checks. The benefits are immense and more details on how this works can be availed from the helpful representatives of BankUnited Bank.

BankUnited Bank’s range of personalized credit cards are acceptable worldwide and provide instant cash access. All credit card transaction details and account information is available online.

Internet banking does not begin only when the bank doors close, it is always open any time of the day or night for customers looking to access their various accounts of make payments online from the comfort of their offices or homes, or even their hotel rooms from anywhere in the world. Viewing accounts, transferring funds, reconciliation of accounts, downloading the accounts, payment of monthly bills, schedule recurring payments, and tracking expenses are just few of the things that can be done with BankUnited Bank’s online banking.

After having stated the above, need I say that the customer service area of the bank is as well taken care of as the other areas are. Getting the whole financial mess cleared and organizing one’s life in a proper manner cannot get any better than BankUnited Bank.

Talk about banking in style!

Bank of West Review

Bank of the West is a subsidiary of the BancWest Corporation that also owns the First Hawaiian Bank. BancWest Corporation is owned by BNP Paribas, which is a European leader in banking and financial services. It is a member of FDIC.

Bank of the West is an amazing 130 years old and started its journey in California. Today, it serves customers in 19 Western and Midwestern states. It is a financial services company with about $61 billion in assets, with more than 700 retail and commercial banking locations. Their business model revolves around providing services as quickly, consistently and as close to the customer as possible.

Bank of the West provides a variety of checking accounts to cater to different needs. All these accounts come with unlimited check writing, free online banking and bill pay, free CheckScan online service and a free debit card. The Free Checking is a completely free to join checking account. The First Choice checking account requires no minimum balance. The Personal Checking requires $1000 minimum daily balance. The Checking Plus Interest is a high yield checking account that needs $1500 minimum daily balance to avoid charges. Finally, the 55 Plus Checking is an account meant only for people aged 55 years or older and there is no minimum balance requirement on this.

Their savings accounts are many and are meant for both short-term as well as long-term goals. The Free Savings is an interest bearing account and needs $5 to open when the account is linked to a checking account and when not linked, it is $100.

Bank of the West offers high yield money market accounts; the Money Market Advantage which can be opened with $1000 and the Money Market Plus with $10000. Higher balances pay top money market rates. Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly. All these accounts come with unlimited withdrawals and deposits along with the best bank interest rates. At Bank of the West, they understand that every home financing requirement is unique. Towards this end, they have home mortgage consultants that help find the right loan for each individual or business. All it takes is an online application to get the loan process going. The various mortgages include power pre-approved mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, conventional mortgage, low and moderate income solutions, FHA/VA mortgages and residential construction. All of them come with competitive bank interest rates.

Each individual has a vision for retirement, a vision that can be fulfilled at the Bank of the West retirement division. Customers’ plans are put into action here and tax advantages offered. Competitive bank interest rates, safety and more options are the highlights of the retirement plans at Bank of the West. The various IRAs are, the Money Market IRA, Add-On IRA, Flexible Term IRA and Premium Money Market IRA, with the Premium Money Market IRA providing the best bank interest rates. The opening deposit for all the accounts is $100 with the terms ranging anywhere between 12 months to 60 months, depending the IRA chosen.

The Bank of the West Debit Card allows purchases directly from the checking account. Online card purchases can also be made and are very secure. Their credit cards include Platinum Credit Card with Priority Rewards and the Classic Credit Card. When used for travel, these cards come with insurance privileges along with several other benefits.

Their small business banking also offers several products such as business checking accounts, which include Basic Business Checking, Regular Business Checking, Business Value Package Checking, Business Interest Checking and Analyzed Business Checking. All these accounts are meant for all types of businesses, with low account activity to higher levels of activity.

Business savings accounts provide a safe harbor with competitive bank interest rates. Business Savings offers full liquidity and can be linked to a checking account to waive of the monthly fee. The Business Money Market Advantage and Business Money Market Plus offers best money market with higher balances earning the best bank interest rates.

This bank has several other services and products to cater to businesses, including insurance and loan products.

Bank of the West believes in serving the customers to the best of their ability and have introduced numerous products and services that can be viewed in detail on their website.

Bank of Internet Review

With its headquarters in San Diego, California, Bank of Internet Bank (BOFI) offers traditional banking and loan services through the internet to its customers throughout the United States.

The board of directors consists of people that have extensive banking experience, with the President and CEO being a pioneer in internet banking with history going back to as early as 1994, when the internet was raw and fresh. This pool of vast experience brings to BOFI the high credibility that only some can boast of.

The geographical boundaries have never been a hindrance to Bank of Internet Bank and their services are spread wide across the United States.

The unique banking products provided by this bank through their various checking accounts and savings accounts provide the financial security to customers from anywhere in the world. The unique monthly ATM reimbursement feature is very attractive and one not too many banks provide.

All their checking accounts with great interest rates are free of monthly service charges if balance requirements are taken care of, and unlimited free bill payment is allowed.

Their freedom checking account that is specifically created for online banking, can be opened with $100 and earns a decent interest. The senior checking account is for seniors aged 50 or older and can be opened with as little as $50 and comes along with the value added service of free BOFI check printing. The boomer checking account is for people who are 40 and above, and requires only $50 to open. The basic checking account is for those that use their checking account a lot but don’t wish to end up spending a great deal of money on fees. It only takes $100 to open a basic checking account. For just $50, a student checking account can be opened, and as the name clearly indicates is for full time students only who are 18 years or older.

Bank of Internet Bank’s high interest savings accounts are driven towards helping the customers reach their goals quicker. All deposits are FDIC insured and building up the bank balance without feeling the pinch has never been easier. The regular savings account is not only for adults but also for minors, which can be opened for lesser amount. There is ATM card access to this account.

The best money market accounts with the best money market rates are the pride of Bank of Internet Bank, with their superior rates of return and complete liquidity. The salient features being unlimited deposits, any number of ATM withdrawals and three checks per month. The money market savings account offers the flexibility and accessibility of a checking account, assisting every step of the way by providing numerous benefits.

Unlimited deposits and withdrawals, as well as intra-account transfers are permitted, either by mail, messenger, internet, ATM, or in person. Although the best money market rates are provided, the rates vary depending on market conditions.

The Certificates of Deposit are created keeping in mind the depositors that would like to leave their money deposited for a specific period of time, from as little as three months to as long as 60 months. They provide the best CD rates and these rates are fixed for the deposit term. The minimum deposit is as low as $100 and no other fees are applicable. The interest is compounded on a daily basis and paid monthly, either into the account, wired to the checking account, or by check.

All the above can be possible with just plugging in the internet in the relaxed comfort of the home. Viewing of account information the same day as checks are paid online, is convenience at its best.

The only accounts that Bank of Internet Bank does not currently offer are the Retirement and IRA accounts.

Coming to the loan products that Bank of Internet offers commercial real estate loans, home equity loans, RV loans, apartment loans, auto loans, credit cards, overdraft protection, and mortgage insurance. Bank of Internet Bank is confident that their rates are extremely competitive when compared to other banks and brokers. For those that are looking for consumer loans that offer great rates and online convenience, availing any one of these products is a step towards fulfilling a dream.

This bank is certainly one of the most sought after what with their best CD rates and best money market rates to name a few. The customer service is fantastic and this is what brings repeat customers who value the numerous services provided by the Bank of Internet Bank.

Bank of America Review

Bank of America came into being in 1998. Before that, it was known as “Bank American,” and prior to that, as NationsBank, and even earlier, it was North Carolina National Bank. In 1998, NationsBank acquired San Francisco based Bank America and renamed it “Bank of America.” This bank in reality has a history that dates back to the founding of our nation.

Over the years, many historical banks across the United States were consolidated into the Bank of America, including having a stake in big names in the international markets. Bank of America has branches all over the world. Apart from being in the forefront in consumer banking, Bank of America recently spent more than $675 million dollars in building its US investment banking business and is on the verge of becoming one of the top five investment banks in the world. It is also a member of the FDIC.

Bank of America offers many types of account, including checking, high yield savings accounts and CDs. MyAccess Checking is a free account with no direct deposit requirement or minimum balance. CampusEdge Checking is a free student checking account designed for students. Prima Checking is an account where a minimum balance needs to be maintained. For those that open this account, they are eligible for an additional checking and savings accounts with no monthly service charges. Another account with a minimum balance requirement is the Standard Checking.

One of their most popular savings accounts is the Regular Savings. This is an ideal account for those that are opening their first savings account or those who wish to save money consistently to fulfill their goals. The opening balance is low but this account needs a minimum of $300 daily balance to be maintained or an automatic monthly transfer of $25 from the Bank of America checking account, to avoid the monthly service charges. Free online banking is available along with the option to transfer money to or from the checking accounts.

Bank of America’s certificates of deposit provide various options and are very flexible. They come with the flexibility of a savings account and returns of a CD. Let us look at the Risk Free CD, which offers a great option of withdrawing funds without penalties prior to the maturity date. A minimum of $5000 is required for this short-term (9 month) CD. Top CD rates are offered for online depositors only.

The High Yield CD maximizes the earnings with the best certificates of deposit (CD) rates, without having to commit the money for long periods. It requires $5000 to open and the term is a short 4-months. The Opt-Up CD is a long term CD of 30-month term. Since this is long term, best bank interest rates are applicable on this. This is perfect for people looking for all the features of a traditional CD but with the best CD rates. This CD can be opened with any amount ranging from $10000 up to $500000. There is also the option to increase the bank interest rate once after six months, if the interest rates increase during the term of the CD; all this without any fee or extension of term.

Bank of America offers the best money market on their high yield Money Market Accounts. The Balance Rewards Money Market Savings Account is great for the convenience of savings along with the flexibility of withdrawal. It offers higher bank interest rates, easy access to the money and a cash bonus depending on the savings balance. Free online banking and free bill pay are part of the benefits. The interest rates are tiered and interest is compounded daily and paid on a monthly basis. When this account is linked to a Prima Checking account, no monthly charges apply. Another money market account, the Flexible Balance Rewards Money Market savings provides the option of setting up automatic monthly transfers from the checking account. Unlimited withdrawals, deposits and transfers are allowed.

Their credit cards division is amazing in that, it offers up to 400 types of cards to choose from. Cards are available for all segments of society, for individuals and for small or big business owners.

Bank of America prides itself on their mortgage and loan offers to individuals as well as small businesses too. Whether it is to buy a first home or a new home or even buying a business, these mortgage features fulfill all needs with the best value guaranteed. Their home equity loans and personal loans offer every possible loan to their customers, such as debt consolidation, vacation, home improvement, healthcare financing etc., they provide them with the lowest bank interest rates possible.

Their investment options are many and varied for both business owners and individuals. A complete wealth and asset management system is provided to the customer along with a dedicated banking and investment team that works together to create tailored banking and investment solutions, while keeping in mind the customer’s financial challenges.
Speaking of individual retirement accounts (IRAs,) they have the Roth IRA, Traditional IRA and the Rollover IRA. All of them provide significant tax advantages. These IRAs are the key to pursuing the type of retirement one wants. Towards making this easier for the customer to achieve this, Bank of America waives of all the annual maintenance and custodial fee.

With so many benefits and features bundled up into the Bank of America product package, there is no need for the customer to look elsewhere, either for the services or for the bank interest rates offered. Their online banking works like a breeze with no hiccups and thousands of happy customers are proof.

Ascencia Bank Review

Ascencia bank is the new leader in short term CDs for online banks and offers the best CD rates. This internet bank opened in February 1999 and has its base in Louisville, Kentucky. It is proud of earning the recognition as one of the leading online banks in the industry. Their personal banking is most popular with the various features of their checking account, CD, money market account, savings account, as well as online bill payment and online trading.

The checking account has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements and provides ATM access with unlimited online bill payments. Free transfers are not only allowed to the other Ascencia accounts either online or with telephone banking, but also from other banks to Ascencia accounts, and all this for free. Banking cannot get any easier.

Ascencia Bank’s strength lies in its FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit (CDs). The minimum required deposit for the CDs is extremely low at $500. This bank has the distinction of winning an award for offering the best CD rates that beat the national average. This surely is a feather in its cap that instills confidence and an elevated level of comfort in its customers. There are several maturities to choose from.

All these advantages from the comfort of the home, with the only limitation being that the money cannot be withdrawn within the first 90 days of opening the account, which is reasonable enough. Opening as well as renewing CD accounts can be done online by just mailing in the appropriate application forms along with the deposit.

Speaking of Ascencia money market accounts, with just $1000, the account can be opened with no hassle and money can be transferred electronically with no charge applicable. The money market rates are competitive and the low minimum balance feature is a boon to many. The money market account allows up to 6 withdrawals a month and interest starts to accrue immediately upon submitting the signed application along with the required documentation. As with all their other accounts, these accounts with the best money market rates come with the security of FDIC insurance.

Ultimately, it all boils down to saving and adding up by growing the savings. Saving with Ascencia Bank begin with the low initial deposit of $50 and extends even to saving on traveling expenses, with the benefit of accessing the account online round the clock.

Ascencia Bank understands the value of money and even $1 is not too low an amount to fetch interest. A simple click and the amount can be transferred from the Ascencia savings account.

Paying unlimited bills from the comfort of the home to any location within the United States, with the ability to choose between single payments, future dated payments for as far as 90 days, and recurring payments such as mortgage is possible. Any amount of money to any person can be paid with ease, alleviating the pain of buying and licking stamps to stick on envelopes or standing in queues.

Their online banking allows viewing of all pending payments or past payments made at any time. There are a few reasonable restrictions, such as the payments cannot be remitted to any government agency, investment company, or courts. This surely cannot be a hindrance with the extreme convenience otherwise associated with this bank.

Trading bonds, stocks, and mutual funds can be done inexpensively over the world wide net at any time of the day with UVEST Investment Services. All major exchanges are included as well as the most important market research facility. The account access feature allows access to market value and current account activity.

All the above facilities and features of personal banking are available for business banking. All business goals can be met with the best money market rates and best CD rates in the United States. Apart from business checking accounts, they also have corporate lending facility, for purchasing any business one wishes to, for construction, as well as refinancing of all types of investment and commercial properties throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Indiana, with fixed and variable rates of interest on loans ranging anywhere upward from $100000.

With so many facilities being provided to the customers, it is no wonder that Ascencia Bank has created a name for itself as being a most wonderful user-friendly bank with the customer service of par excellence. For a safe, easy, timely, and friendly banking experience, Ascencia Bank stands alone at the top.

American Partners Bank Review

American Partners Bank promises its allegiance to the community, that of providing services of exceptional value. It is owned by the Federal City Bancorp, Inc., a thrift holding company based in Washington DC and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

Their services are offered either through the offices in Bethesda, Germantown & Silver Spring, Maryland; and Carmel, Indiana or via telephone and the internet, to both individuals and businesses. Their near future expansion program entails retail branches and loan production offices in Indiana, Maryland, Florida and New Jersey, which has been taken up in view of the convenience of numerous customers.

American Partners Bank’s consumer deposits for personal use and business deposits for businesses carry high rates of interest and are FDIC insured up to $100000.

Their consumer deposit accounts include various checking and savings accounts like the personal savings accounts, overdraft protection account, personal money market savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CD) and certificate of deposit account registry system (CDARS), that provide the best CD rates. Customers have the option to open them either through email or online.

Opening an account with American Partners Bank is as simple as providing the Social Security Number, Driver’s Licence or ID card, and details of any loans one may have.

American Partners Bank’s business accounts, such as the free business checking account, free business interest checking account, business money market savings account, certificates of deposits – CD and CDARS are a boon to businesses looking to deposit huge amounts of money to earn bigger rates of interest, and with the primary concern being that of security. Towards this end, business owners can heave a sigh of relieve with FDIC insurance eligibility that each one of their dollars deposited is ensured, even to the extent of millions of dollars.

Consumer loans, mortgage loans, small business loans, home equity loans; and agency financing are offered by American Partners Bank. Borrowing money cannot be made any easier or more convenient than with this bank. Different loans carry different sets of rules and regulations, all of which are easy and pro customer. These loans are offered at competitive rates both for financing and refinancing. Loans with both fixed rates and variable rates are available. Applications are accepted by phone, fax, mail or even in person and all applications are usually taken care of and responded to within minutes of receiving them.

American Partners Bank’s agency financing provides support for agency acquisition through mergers or acquisitions, expansion and perpetuation. This bank offers competitive interest rates, varying payment schedules and lower fees, with an understanding of the value of the independent agency system. Buying or refinancing commercial property gets all the required help from this bank, as they are a qualified small business administration lender. A variety of credit cards are available that are ideal for agencies or policyholders.

American Partners Bank’s online banking is free with easy access to account information any time of the day. Managing accounts is easy for viewing current Certificate of Deposits, loan balances, and transfer of funds or transaction history at the flick of the mouse, using their ‘MS Money’ and ‘Quicken’ facilities.

Email notifications are sent for all accounts. Online statements are maintained and can be viewed for up to 12 months at any point of time. With a checking account, bills can be paid online, either recurring or one-time payments, alleviating the problem of delayed payments or need for travel. Stop payments can be requested online too without having to even call them over the telephone. You are given the right to do what you wish with your account.

American Partners Bank provides all that a consumer or business needs and their customer-friendly features make banking a cakewalk. Experienced and earnest loan officers help the customer decide on the product that is best suited for them in the specific circumstances and one that meets their need, keeping in view short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Amboy Direct Bank Review

Amboy Direct Bank came into being in 1990 and is a sub division of Amboy National Bank, which has its headquarters in New Jersey. The purpose of establishing Amboy Direct Bank was to provide an invaluable service to its clients, that of accessing their banking online or through mail, without actually having to make a trip to the bank. This is an independent community bank that is proud of its heritage and admirable customer service.

The whole experience of ‘home banking’ is made extremely pleasant with the help of telephone service consultants for addressing all client issues. Amboy Direct understands that their success depends solely on fulfilling the expectations of clients and towards this end, delivers innovative and valuable service in the best possible manner.

Amboy Direct accounts are FDIC insured online accounts. Premium rates are offered just like CDs, but the major advantage is that, there is no lock-in period. They can be opened very easily either by mail or online, as long as one has a personal checking account. It is also possible to link a checking account of any other bank to an Amboy Direct Bank account, and this is called a “linked” account.

The amount thus transferred from another bank will earn a good rate and all it takes is the click of the mouse to transfer it back, anytime of the day or night. Amboy Bank is proud of the fact that they are able to pay more to the customer and this is made possible due to not having any regular branches, which in turn reduces their costs and this money is paid to the customers for added value.

Amboy Direct Bank’s money market by mail accounts support people’s saving needs making it easier to earn more. This bank allows the customers to make more of their low yielding checking, savings or money market deposits. The Money Market Maximizer account is a new entry to their list of outstanding products and gives a higher rate than normal. This allows direct access to make deposits and withdrawals with bank-to-bank transfers, all for free. Everyday liquidity with these bank-to-bank transfers using me-to-me checks is an appreciable addition and will certainly prove to be a great advantage to its clients.

The eSavings account is a savings account that offers premium rates like a CD but without locking up the money. The best part is the ability to transfer any of the other low rate savings, checking and money market deposits to this high rate eSavings account and then transfer the amount back again whenever there is need for it. A total of three bank-to-bank withdrawals and unlimited deposits can me made during any month. There are no restrictions of keeping a minimum balance or paying any service fees, as this service is provided totally free to Amboy Direct Bank’s clients.

High security and confidentiality is maintained and accounts can only be accessed with the client’s unique ID and password. To make them even more secure, every online transaction is turned into a non-understandable mathematical formula using high-level encryption.

Their customer service is the best seen anywhere. It has the distinction of being called the “Best Bank in Central New Jersey” by Home News Tribune for the ninth year in a row and this sure is no mean feat. Amboy Direct Bank is committed to the well being of their clients who trust them with their financial information. This trust is maintained by sensible and discreet handling of extremely sensitive information.

It is almost as if the money is in the hands of the customers themselves or perhaps even more secure. What more can one expect from a bank?

Advanta Bank Review

Advanta Bank was founded in the year 1951 and has been a remarkable innovator in developing and introducing many marketing techniques for the financial services industry. Advanta Bank is one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the nation. This bank has its headquarters in Draper, Utah. It is a subsidiary of a public limited financial services holding company, the Advanta Corp. Advanta Bank (ABC) is a Utah bank that is regulated by the Utah Department of Financial Institutions.

It would be interesting to go back a little in time into it’s history, before going ahead and reading more about this bank that has not only risen to it’s customers expectations but has surpassed. Advanta was earlier Colonial National Bank before it was rechristened in 1982. Immediately after, the following year, it began a national credit card campaign and by 1988, exceeded 1 million customers. Advanta Corp. has the credibility of being the first company to securitize credit card and mortgage receivables.

Advanta offers deposits with a high level of security for its customers and deposits up to $100,000 per customer, are insured with the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Customer convenience being its priority, ABC ensures that their operating expenses are kept low, and towards this end their customer service activity is taken care of by means of electronic media, mail and telephone. This way, ABC is happy to be able to transfer their savings to their customers, in the form of higher interest rates.

Advanta Bank also takes care that customer service receives top priority, also ensuring that interest amount, statements, maturity notices and other important communications are relayed to the customers promptly on time.

They offer a variety of deposit products with very competitive interest rates, to help customers reach their financial goals, along with the security of FDIC insurance. They also help them develop a savings plan. They offer normal Certificates of Deposits (CDs) and Jumbo Certificate of Deposits at competitive rates and annual percentage yields. The minimum deposit amount is higher in the Jumbo CDs. Their Money Market Accounts (MMA) are offered with tiered balances, which means higher rates of interest for higher balances and with compound interest that is calculated on a daily basis. The Statement Savings Account with a minimum deposit of $50 is ideal for small businesses.

Advanta Bank’s electronic fund transfer system provides for interbank clearing of all electronic payments for depository financial institutions. The Federal Reserve and Electronic Payments Network act as their central clearing facilities, which facilitate transmitting and receipt of funds for financial institutions. The transfer of funds is done at an extremely fast pace and bank accounts will reflect the funds within one day. This eradicates the scope of check theft as everything is done through the electronic medium. No need of running to the bank to make your deposits or waiting for days for the deposit to actually show up in your account.

Convenience of banking is what Advanta aims at providing its esteemed customers. Customers can check their balance from the comfort of their homes any time of day or night, or even take a look at the interest rates, with the online banking portal.

Advanta’s website provides ‘calculators’ for calculating the interest rates and decide which products are good for you. All their deposit forms are available online. All one needs to do is locate the form they are looking for and print it, before filling up the details and mailing it to the given Advanta address.

Having said all that, their prime area of excellence and exclusive focus is the credit cards. They offer a very high level of service tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and this is what differentiates this company from all other credit card issuers.

With the numerous facilities that Advanta offers along with a great customer service, at your beck and call all day and night, you have only to gain by making an investment in Advanta Bank. The efficacy of a bank is assessed by the number of customers and looking at the millions of satisfied customers, this bank sure knows how to satisfy their customers.

Access National Bank Review

Access National Bank is a community bank that provides a high level of banking services that cater to all your financial needs, including business loans, equipment and vehicle leasing, and residential mortgage lending.

Access National Bank has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia. It came into being in 1999 and is the brainchild of an elite group of bankers and business professionals, aiming to provide financial solutions and personalized service to its customers. Their involvement with the clients and making available commercial banking products and mortgage loans is what makes them the best in the field.

The holding company for Access National Bank, Access National Mortgage and Access National Leasing is Access National Corporation, which provides, monitors, and ensures success in the performance of the array of services they provide for businesses.

Their portfolio includes many services including Business Banking Services, Commercial Credit Services, Convenience Services, Personal Banking, Mortgage and Leasing.

Access National Bank’s Business Banking Services offers businesses various federally insured deposit accounts depending on how active the account is on a monthly basis. The cash flow of a business is controlled by the Cash Management Services with the different types of accounts, such as Sweep accounts, Zero Balance accounts, Online Banking, Overnight investments, Merchant Card processing and many more.

Commercial Credit Services offer mortgages, working capital line of credit, equipment term loans, SBA loans, and they provide a complete credit solution for small and medium businesses.

Access Convenience Services are aptly named for the convenience of operation they provide to customers. There is never any ‘closing time’ for this bank. They can be accessed conveniently any time of the day or night, through either internet banking, electronic deposits, mail banking, courier deposits, debit card services, credit card services , from anywhere in the world.

Access National Bank prides itself in its state-of-the-art technology that provides instant access to account information wherever the customer may be on the globe. Online banking in the convenience of your home or office is a boon for businessmen who have less time on their hands. Transferring of money, paying bills, paying taxes, wire transfers, stopping payments if required, and many other activities are possible, as if you have a bank at your beck and call. Up-to-minute latest transaction details make it easier to manage funds.

This bank provides a variety of Personal banking services to its customers. Checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, retirement accounts, money market accounts, they have covered it all.

Access National Bank provides easy solutions for all your financing needs from immediate cash requirements to home finances. As far as home financing goes, Access National Mortgage has come up with various types of programs to satisfy everyone’s needs. Loan programs with ANM are made to fit the requirement of their customers, whether one is looking for residential mortgages, jumbo mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, construction loans or permanent loans. All that is needed is to put forth the requirement and they come up with a packaged solution to suit your needs.

To cater to the leasing needs of people, Access National Leasing venture has been created, which helps clients with any type of lease with painless ease. All areas of a transaction are taken care of, beginning with the price quotes to the final funding. Everything from equipment to vehicle leasing is given access to.

Access National Bank is one of the few banks that treats clients or customers as partners and takes interest in every aspect of their financing needs and assists them every step of the way. Access understands the importance of quick responses and immediate solutions for growing businesses.

When traveling, take your bank with you. With their debit card, access to ATM’s throughout the world and purchasing from millions of merchants is possible.

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