Indymac 4.25% Cerificate of Deposit Account

Indymac Bank is offering a 4.25% 3 month internet only Certificate of Deposit with $5,000 minimum deposit. This is the highest yield APY CD rate on Indymac Bank’s for 90 days to 5 years CD rate tier. Due to the recent massive fed cut, all CD terms longer than 3 months will drop into the 3.00% APY range, the Indymac Bank 3 month CD is simply the best choice.

The interest on the Indymac Bank’s Certificate of Deposit, depending on the term of the CD, is compounded daily and can be paid monthly or at maturity. At maturity, your CD will also renew automatically for the selected term at the most current rate offering by Indymac Bank at that time.

The peanlty for early withdrawal for this particular Certificate of Deposit is 1 month of simple interest at the rate being paid on the amount withdrawn with no principle protection.

Indymac Bank also offers customized Certificate of Deposit terms, for more information, please visit Indymac Bank’s deposit homepage or contact their Customer Contact Center at 1-877-748-0004.

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