Indymac Bank Shut Down

indymac.jpgFederal regulation committee, OTS, has deemed Indymac to be an unsafe and unsound financial institution. Consequently, operations have been handed over the FDIC officials, who will work on liquidating the assets and returning money to account holders who are FDIC insured.

More details can be found at Indymac Federal Bank.

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  1. YAS said:
    on July 12th at 11:50 pm


  2. Editor said:
    on July 12th at 11:51 pm


  3. Editor said:
    on July 13th at 07:57 am


  4. Blogging Banks said:
    on May 22nd at 02:09 pm

    And today another bank shut down – BankUnited Financial Corporation.

    This is the 34th Bank Failure of 2009 and largest since 2008.

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