Luther Burbank 4.35% Savings Account

Luther Burbank Savings is offering a great 4 month 4.75% *liquid CD with a minimum $10,000 deposit. Its other terms at selected branches are also very competitive with the Santa Rosa, San Rafael, and Palo Alto branch offering a special 90 day 4.85% APY CD. This Certificate of Deposit has no deposit limit and allows you to have one penalty free withdrawals a month.

Luther Burbank Savings is also offering a 4.00% APY checking account with $5,000 minimum deposit to open. A branch visit would be required to open and it’s available in all Luther Burbank Savings branches.

For futher information regarding application, please visit their homepage at

*A Liquid Certificate of Deposit (CD) usually allows customers to lock deposits in a high CD rate, make unlimited deposit add-ons, and allows fluid (without withdrawal penalties) access to your money.

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  1. joseph daks said:
    on July 31st at 07:33 pm

    What is the point of posting misleading info with an april,2008 date re interest rate of 4.35% onjuly 31,2008 website?

  2. Katharine said:
    on October 29th at 02:18 pm

    This rate is no longer available at Luther Burbank Savings, although liquid CD’s and high yield checking accounts are still available.

  3. Jean Woodbyrne said:
    on February 17th at 03:17 pm

    Is there a current website for CD’s and High yield liquid accounts?

  4. Lin said:
    on March 28th at 11:38 am

    Now is 2011!Who cares about 2008′s rates!

  5. Alejandro said:
    on March 9th at 08:34 pm

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