Millennium Bank 4.75% Certificate of Deposit

Millennium Bank is offering a 4.26% APY 6 month Certificate of Deposit special with $1,000 minimum deposit. While a 4.26% APY yield may not seem very high, but after the massive recent Fed rate cuts, this is a competitive CD rate.

The interest on this Certificatie of Deposit compounds and pays quarterly. At maturity, you will have 10 grace period days to action before it rolls over on to another CD with an updated rate. The penalty for early withdrawal is 3 month of interest with no principle protection.

Because this isn’t an internet CD, a branch visit is required to open an account. Millennium Bank is located in Des Plaines, IL about 30 miles from the city of Chicago.

Millennium Bank is a member of the FDIC, (Certificate # 34946). For more information, please visit Millennium Bank CD rates deposit home.

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