WaMu 3.30% APY Online Savings Account

Washington Mutual is currently offering a great 3.30% APY free online checking account with savings. While most banks have a free checking account, the WaMu free online checking and savings account offers just a bit more.

WaMu online checking and savings account features:

Free ATM cash withdrawals
Online banks provide great rates at the expense of having so many brick and mortar branches, thus it becomes difficult to withdrawal cash whenever needed. What distinguishes WaMu’s high yield online savings account from the rest is that WaMu has over 4000+ ATMs and will not charge you for cash withdrawals. It’s simply the best of both worlds.

$1 minimum to open
Open an account with Washington Mutual for as little as $1 USD.

No monthly service charges
No matter what your account balance is, WaMu will not charge you a monthly maintenance fee.

Overdraft/non-sufficient fee waiver
If your balance gets low, WaMu will sent you an alert AND waiver one NSF or overdraft fee per year.

- Some additional features includes:
# 24/7 Telephone Banking
# Free ID theft services
# Free checks for life
# Free outbound wire transfers
# FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured.

Opening an account is even easier if you have WaMu online banking. Just select the “Yes” radio button next to “Do you have an Online ID?” and enter your WaMu online login information. You will skip all the steps personal information stuff and it will display your new savings account with your existing WaMu account. This process literally takes about 5 minates with free and instant fund transfers. The only thing to double check on is the promotional rate of 4.25% by viewing your account details.

For more information, please visit WaMu’s Free Checking sign up page.

ETRADE Online Savings Account

E*TRADE Financial is currently offering a high yield 4.10% APY savings account and a popular 3.15% APY checking account. The highly popular WaMu checking account

3.45% APY Complete Savings Account features:
# $1 minimum to open
# No minimums deposit requirements
# No account fees
# No hard credit inquiry
# Free one business day ACH transfer
# No hold for wire transfers

3.15% APY Mix-Rate Checking Account features:
# 3.25% APY on balances over $5,000
# Free ATM withdrawals
# Free online bill pay
# Free checks for life!
# Free online check and deposit images for record

This E*TRADE dual checking/savings account and highly popular WaMu Savings Account are two of the most popular online savings accounts today. Be sure to do a little bit of comparison before making your choice. Also, please note that if you already have an account with E*Trade Financial, you can easily link this new savings account to it. There are simple instructions during sign up.

EverBank 4.50% APY Money Market Rate

EverBank is offering the highest money market rate at 4.50% APY. The minimum deposit is $1,500, and the maximum is $50K. This rate is available for new EverBank customers only.

The introductory rate is good for 3 months, after it will drop to the ongoing rate of 3.51% APY. Membership application is available online. Once the account is open, you can fund it by check or wire transfer. Everbank doesn’t allow ACH transfer for the initial deposit, the account needs to be set up and funded before ACH transfer can be used.

The account doesn’t have ATM fee reimbursements, but EverBank will issue you a set a checks every month to write against the account. ACH transfers from the account into your personal checking is another option if you need the money.

EverBank is FDIC insured (Certificate # 34775) with all four branches located in Jacksonville, Florida.

National Bank Of Kansas Money Market Account

The National Bank Of Kansas has raised its money market rate to 4.11% for a minimum deposit of $500,000. In comparison to other banks, the minimum deposit amount is a bit too high but they have tiered rates for customers with low deposits. The banking is highly personalized as the bank believes in customer service excellence and try to cater for the needs of their customers.

The National Bank of Kansas, inaugurated in 1999, has its banking branches in Kansas and Missouri. However, its mortgage facilities are available over a wider range of states including Kansas, Missouri and Arizona.

The bank has different packages to meet the needs of various customers. For regular investment their is the choice of personal and business money market. And for young savers they even have saving account options. Their business money market account is for companies with huge deposits. The aim is simple- the greater the amount, the higher the interest. There is no account charge if a minimum balance is maintained but if the amount goes below the minimum requirement than there is a charge of $10.

The National Bank of Kansas also offers online banking. Their elaborate internet banking system allows you to check your transaction online, view history of your transactions, transfer money from your account to any other account of yours in any other financial institution. Talk about ease! The online banking is not only limited to your financial needs but it also has alerts and reminders for stuff like account reaching a predetermined level to stuff as personal as reminding yourself of an appointment. Hence this way the bank manages to keep its personal touch. Not that they only offer various features, they also make sure that nobody gains access to your account but you. For this purpose they use the extra security provided by Multi-Factor-Authentication. Moreover, the bank tries to educate its customers about online banking and security. Tips and guidelines provided by their website ensures that the customers can feel more secure about banking online. If that is not enough, the bank also provides online bill payment. So you can simply transfer money from your account to pay the bills! The banking is so personalized that you can set reoccurring dates for the payments, automatic payments etc.

The Bank of Kansas has aimed to make bankign more customized and personalized. Interest in opening an account, apply here.

Century Bank Direct 4.54% Online Savings Account

Century Bank Direct is offering 4.54% APY on its Online Saving Account with a minimum requirement of only $100.

Century Bank Direct is a division of Century Bank of Kentucky, Inc., a community bank located in Central Kentucky. The Bank is FDIC insured for $100,000 per depositor. Since the banking is completely online, the security measures are tight. The bank’s data is protected behind a rigid firewall. The information transfer is secure as information is insured through 128-bit SSL encryption which means that the information that you send and receive would not be available online in readable format.

The account features are simple. Free online banking with no minimum balance to maintain. They charge no monthly on the account. The interest is compounded on the entire amount deposited. Account statements are available online as e-statements. The monthly withdrawals are limited to three withdrawals per month as regulated by the Federal regulations. Any additional withdrawals would cost $5.95 per withdrawal. The money can be transferred to any account of yours electronically. And if you need to send money through some other bank then you can wire it to your account.

As it is Online Saving Account, you can not receive cheques. If you want to get a cheque then the bank should be contacted through email or telephone and informed about the withdrawal so that they can send you a cheque. This procedure seems a little hefty, but if you have an account in another bank, then you can simply use account-to-account transfer. For more information, please see open an account apply here.

Alabama Bank (Noble) 6.01% Rewards Checking Account

Alabama Bank (Nobel Bank & Trust) is currently offering a 6.01% APY high yield rewards checkng account called Nobel Horizons. This reward checking account has no monthly fees and minimum balanace requirements. It will also refund ATM fees only if the following monthly requirements are met: 1.) 12 Debit Card Transactions, 2.) Set up a Direct Deposit or ACH Auto Debit, 3.) Recieve electronic statements instead of mail. If you open an account and fails to meet the monthly requirements, your account will still function as a free checking account earning 0.25%APY.

Please note that the 6.01% APY is only available for balances up to $25,000. If the balance exceeds that the limit, the account will earn 6.01% APY for the $25,000 and 1.01% APY for any amount over the maximum allowable.

Bankdeals noted that this rewards checking account will mostly likely require a bank branch visit to open. Branches are located in Anniston and Oxford in the state of Alabama.

Provident Direct 4.50% APY Online Savings Account

Provident Bank, now Provident Direct online, is currently offering a 4.50% high yield online savings account with no minimum deposit requirement. Some of the great features that comes with the 4.50% APY high yield package are no monthly fees, free checks, online statements instead of mail, and no hard credit check during sign up. With the recent massive fed rate cut, a 4.50% annual percentage yield can be considered the highest yielding online savings account today. However, online savings accounts are like callable CDs with no rate guarantee for a specific term.

To open, you will need your home address, drivers liscense and social security number. Then you will be asked to choose the initial deposit amount, the initial funding of the savings account can be done by ACH transfer or check. And lastly, you will be asked to review Provident Bank’s account agreement and disclosures.

Provident Bank is FDIC insured (Certificate # 15951). For more information regarding opening an account, please visit Provident Bank’s savings account homepage.

Southern Community Bank & Trust 6.00% APY Checking Account

North Carolina Bank (Southern Community Bank & Trust) is offering a great 6.00% APY rewards checking account called Maximum Earnings Bank. This rewards checking account pays 6.00% APY up to $25,000 and gives ATM fees refund if the following monthly requirements are met: 1) Enroll in online banking and recieve an e-statement, 2) Make 10 or more debit card purchaes each month, and 3) have One direct deposit or automatic draft payment per month.

Some of the other features in this rewards checking account include:
# Free ATM use nationwide
# Free Online Bill Pay
# No monthly maintenance fee
# And there is no minimum balance to open

This checking account is only available to residence in North Caroline because it requires a branch visit to open this account. Branches are located in North Carolina major cities like Asheville, Lexington and Charlotte. South Community Bank & Trust is a member of the FDIC (Certificate # 34321).

Zions Bank 4.96% APY High Yield Money Market

Zion Bank’s Desert Money Market Account is offering a high yield variable rate of 4.96% for $50,000 and 5.02% for $100,000 and above deposits. The account features unlimited withdrawals from the account through ATM, mail, messenger or funds tranfer to your checking account via Internet Banking. Six monthly transfers (authorized, pre-authorized, automatic tranfers) can be made, as required by the state. However, of these transfers, three are limited to transfer through debit card, cheque or draft.

Zions First National Bank is a subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation which operates through over 500 offices and 600 ATMs in 10 Western states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.

If you are looking for investing for higher APY’s with unlimited cheque writing and greater account liberty? Then you should try Zions Bank’s checking which closes the gap between checking accounts and money market accounts. For $2,500+, the yields are high and competitive with any other money market accounts. You can compare its rate with regular money market rates here.

Although at first glance the rates may seem low but once you look at its features, the rates sound very reasonable.
1. Unlimited cheque writing facility.
2. Availability to free Check Card
3. Availability to deposit and withdrawal through ATM
4. Over draft protection
5. Free internet bill service
6. Free internet banking
7. Unlimited Customer Service through toll-free number

This account requires only a minimum deposit of $1000. If balance is maintained, there is no monthly fee. The interest rates are compounded daily and paid monthly. Moreover, the withdrawals can be unlimited through ATM. Telephone transfers and withdrawals through teller window would cost $3. The facility to freeBusiness Essential Banking adds to customer’s convenience. However, the withdrawals are fixed to six transfers per month. No more than three transfer may be through check, draft, or debit card. Customers can apply to open an account here.

Principal Bank 5.06% APY Savings Account

Soaring higher than UFB Direct savings account rate, Principal Bank is offering a 5.06% APY on its saving account, at a minimum deposit of $100,000.

Principal Financial Group was founded in 1879 and provides financial services such as investment, retirement, life and health insurance and banking. The FDIC insured bank has a clientele of more than 18.1 million. Principal Bank has its branches world wide in more than 250 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and UK. The bank has high credibility and financial stability. It was ranked as Ranked 250th in FORTUNE magazine’s largest 500 Corporations. Principal Bank offers a gamut of Saving Accounts to cater to the needs of huge clientele. The accounts salient features are the relative ease with which money can be transferred through electronic deposits, ATMs, wires, money movement, regular mail or telephone. Their regular savings account is suitable for those looking for high rates at small deposits. With a minimum deposit of $100, the account is accessible online or via telephone. No monthly charges for maintenance, if a minimum of $200 is maintained. Money can be withdrawn through ATM, which is provided for free.

The money market saving account is a combination of money market account and saving account. This combination is the latest trend in banking and seems to be advantageous for those with large amounts to deposit (initial deposit of $2500 and maintenance balance of $5000). It offers tier interest rates while keeping the money accessible to the investor. However, the withdrawals are limited to six per month.

Another tiered Saving Account saving account is their Advantage Saving Account. In this account, the number of withdrawals is limited to 3 per month. Funds can be transferred to other accounts through wire, check or electronically. However, its minimum requirement is much higher: $25000.

Their student package for 14 and older is apt for students saving money for college. It could be opened with $50 only. No minimum amount to be maintained and no account maintenance charges. It provides automatic overdraft protection and free ATM use. Instructions on how to apply for the Principal saving account can be found here.

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