Superior Savings 5.25% CD Account

Superior Savings of New England is offering a great 7 month 5.25% APY CD rate. The actual rate on this Certificate of Deposit is 5.12% with a minimum deposit of $500 USD. It is FDIC insured up to 100k with compounding interest daily reinvested back into the account.

This Certificate of Deposit has an exceptionally high 6 month interest penalty for early withdrawl with no principle protection program. So please invest knowning that it will most likely be locked in the full 7 months.

Branches of Superior Savings of New England are located in Connecticut (main office), and in the Bronx, NY. This CD is however available to other states as well. To open, simply download the application and mail it in with the required information. You can fund the account with either an ACH transfer or mail in a check.

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